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  • qieb111 posted an update 1 week, 2 days ago

    Synonyms: TBBA, TBBPA, TBA;Tetrabromobisphenola
    Molecular Formula: H15H12Br4O2
    Molecular weight: 543.91
    CAS NO: 79-94-7
    EINECS: 201-236-9
    TBBPA is gray-white powder; it is used as an additive in plastic products, acting as a flame retardant; it is soluble in methanol, ethanol, acetone, and aqueous solution of sodium hydroxide; it is also slightly soluble in water; it is non-toxic.
    Quality Standards:
    Bromine Content≥58%
    Chroma(platinum cobalt)≤25
    Heating reduction≤0.3%
    tetrabromobisphenol A Content≥99.0%
    Inorganic bromine<300×10-6
    Hydrolytic bromine≤60×10-6
    TBBPA is used in the manufacture of flame retardant epoxy resin. It is also used for ABS, HIPS, unsaturated resins and coatings, etc. And for the manufacture of copper foil laminate.bulk Electronic Industrial And Water Treatment