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  • qieb111 posted an update 5 days, 15 hours ago

    The iron clamp of the sublance probe
    The iron clamp of the sublance probe can be divided into two types: large clamp and small clamp. The surface can be electroplated or blackened.
    The big clamp mainly contains circular or elliptical sampling box, the small clamp mainly contains thick and thin sample box. All of our clamps are stamped with high-quality spring steel, and then quenched by mesh belt furnace to achieve the optimum hardness of the clamp. Our clamp has moderate hardness and is not easy to break.
    A team
    In the era of technology and talent, individual ability can not be separated from group cooperation. Yueqing ChangFeng Temperature Measuring Devices Co., Ltd. has excellent team work together. They share prosperity and progress with enterprises
    Mechanical equipment

    Machinery and equipment are the material conditions for enterprises to carry out production activities and the primary guarantee for safe production.
    Our company has complete plastic machinery, and the bracket made is perfect.
    Q1:What materials do you have for your product?
    A1:Sampling boxes, protective caps and other products are stamped with low-carbon cold-rolled steel strips, aluminum strips, copper strips and other high-quality steel.
    Ceramic parts are made of high temperature resistant clay head.
    Plastics are made of nylon PA66 or plastic PP/ABS by injection moulding.
    Q2:What do you want then?
    A2:We would like to have a good and long-term cooperation with our customers. We will work together to create a stable development.China Sublance Sensor