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  • ysft503 posted an update 2 weeks, 4 days ago

    Gas Conveyor Pizza Oven
    gas conveyor pizza oven , electric pizza oven,a small tunnel oven for convenient baking pizza , the pizza oven infeed the after shaping pizza dough and after 5-10 minutes can get the baked down the pizza. Digital control with LED displays for set point, actual temperature and belt speed.

    Technical data
    Model no.SPEC (Belt size)PowerSize & Weight
    SEP-12350 * 1000 mm380v/7.8kw1120 * 570 * 380mm
    SEP-18500 * 1450 mm380v/10.3kw1560 * 750 * 360mm
    SEP-32850 * 1800 mm380v/25.5kw2500 * 1060 * 450mm
    SGP-12350 * 1000 mm380v/0.1kw1120 * 570 * 380mm
    SGP-18500 * 1450 mm380v/0.1kw1560 * 750 * 360mm
    Construction Features:
    ● Stainless exterior and interior
    ● Rigid stainless stand with swivel casters with
    brakes (1- and 2-deck stacks) or swivel
    casters only (3-deck stacks)
    ● Stackple up to three high
    ● Fully insulated walls, floor and ceiling
    ● Sandwich door with large, 17″ wide tempered-glass view window
    ● Top and bottom airflow
    ● Balanced air distribution
    ● Reversible-direction stainless steel belt
    ● One ea 6″ Infeed Shelf and 12″ Outfeed Shelf included with each oven
    ● Removable crumb trays at conveyor infeed and outfeed

    Standard Control Features:
    ● Simple and intuitive layout
    ● Large, easy-to-read LED displays for Set Point, Actual Temperature and Belt Speed
    ● Temperature Range: 145-570 deg F
    ● Temperature displays in either deg F or deg C
    ● Belt Speed Range: 3-30 minutes
    ● Automatic Cool-Down feature extends the life of internal electrical parts

    Standard Cleanability Features:
    ● Removeable front wall for easy access to interior
    ● Removeable conveyor
    ● Removeable ductsPizza Oven